Geolander.it is the operational brand of the Veneto company Gemmlab Srl, engaged since 2007 in the field of Digital Geography with the precise mission of enhancing and protecting all elements of a local area, providing public bodies, businesses, individuals and in general all parties having specific interests, with georeferenced data useful for: planning and protecting the area of interest, management of services, safety, improving quality of life, promoting and making the most of cultural and historical heritage assets.

Making use of surveying instruments that incorporate the latest technologies, data and information are first gathered and processed, then delivered in the form of navigable maps and Digital Twins from which the client can take all elements of use for the management, organization, conservation and valorization of an area.

Geolander.it also runs a corporate blog designed to spread culture among insiders and others on questions concerning geomatics and new technologies applied in a variety of sectors (environment, area regeneration, valorization and conservation of cultural heritage), helping to create a future in which care for the local area, the environment and quality of life can become more of a practical reality.

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We Join up Dots to Create Solutions. The method we use is simple and repeatable: we survey, we process, and we deliver meaningful, certified and readable data.